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Julian Cope – Upwards At 45 Degrees lyrics

400 metres across and hanging like a football field
Over the valley of the stone circles
Wondering what the crop will yield
Cause the mothership has come
Cause the mothership has come
Who's she gonna take this time
Right now tell me who's she gonna claim

Loving is the face of Jesus
Smiling is the Mona Lisa
To penetrate the diamond
The pituatary gland gets torn off it's access and frees
Earth is a cannon of love, shame beyond Socrates
Who's to blame but the man like any man
Who's to blame but the man who leads

Going upwards at 45 degrees
Going upwards at 45 degrees
Going upwards at 45 degrees
Won't somebody sign my release
Won't somebody sign my release

When people jump through time
They give themselves up to rhyme
And reasons of the heavens
They recognise in themselves
Reconciling their thoughts to those of dutiful people
They're unashamed

Going upwards at 45 degrees
Going upwards at 45 degrees
Going upwards at 45 degrees
Won't somebody sign my release
Won't somebody sign my release
Won't somebody sign my release

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    The initial guitar riffs are restrained, precise. And the vocals, at first, are gentle, maybe even diffident. Exploring the idea of a greater force, talking about a "mothership" hovering over a stone circle. Questioning. Uncertain. Something huge is happening. It's a bit scary, a bit edgy. Is it safe? Are we talking about aliens? Yeah, probably. Gods? That too.
    As the song progresses, a bass riff begins to fortify the gentle imploring vocals and soft energy of the rhythm guitar, and the song works its way into a solid, focused groove.
    When Julian sings his observation, "when people jump through time..." they are "reconciling their thoughts to those of dutiful people..." there is no room or reason for doubt. You're getting on that mothership. It's the only way. It just is. The path.
    At that point, the song becomes almost half chant, half raga. No uncertainty. This song is about living your spiritual truth. There's a better world. It's weird as hell. Don't be scared, don't be ashamed. There's no room for shame in the better world.
    This is a song about intuitive epiphany. It's about that moment when your purpose becomes clear. When your inner voice and vision becomes unmistakable, unavoidable. It's about seeing how moral and logical contradictions coexist, so that the contradiction melts away. Its about this vision propelling you to act your conscience in the material world.
    It's about violet light. It's about seeing a clear path. It's about strength, bravery. It's about why are we here and what to do about it.
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