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Juelz Santana – How? lyrics

Up Late Thinking How I'm Gonna Get It
Lotto Ticket Thinking How I'm Gonna Win It
Couple Hundred Thinking How I'm Gonna Spend It
Should I Get Some Clothes Or Should I Get Some Grams?
Ok Grams It Is
Hit The Block Up Yup I Gotta Handle Biz
Its To Hot On This Damn Block
Theres To Many Cops On The Damn Block
I Been Here Since 8 Its 10 O Clock
And I Aint Moved A Rock On This Damn Block
Lemme Go Home And Write A Rhyme
Damn I can't Come Up With Nutting! I can't Write A Rhyme!
Fuck It Lemme Call Kisha Up
Cause Shea fuck Shea s*** Plus She Be Up
I Called Her Once And The Call Failed
I Called Her Twice And Got Her Voice Mail
Now I Got No pussy No Money And The Burner On Me
My Thoughts Aint Good you Heard Me Homie
Now I'm Playing With The Safety
On And Off
Off And On
I'm Playing Wid My Safety
I'm Thinking Bout Robbing Ree Honestly
And If All Goes Well Maybe A Robbing Spree
Naw that's A Bullshit Way To Get It
Fuck It I'm On Some Bullshit They Can Get It
And The niggas Up The Block Got Cake Stash
But The Problem Is I Don't Know Where The Cake At
I Kno Where The Place At
But I don't Kno Where The Safe At
Should I Risk It??
Plus They Got 4 niggas In There
Fully Automatics Theres No Getting In There
Naw I Need A Easier Lick
I Need To Catch A nigga Slipping While He Sleep Wid His bitch
And If He Stay Sleep that's The Easiest Lick
If He Wake Up Feed Him The Clip
Then Get Gone
Bottom Line Yo
You Never Know Whats On Another nigga Mind So
Always Keep Ur Mind Bro
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy (I Suggest You)
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy (Stay Close)
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy
My Suggestion To You Is This
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy (I Suggest You)
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy (Stay Close)
Stay Close To Ur Pistol Boy (Stay, Stay, Stay Close)
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