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John Conlee – Rose Colored Glasses lyrics

I don't know why I keep on believin you need me
When you prove so many times that it ain't true
And I can't find one good reason for staying
Maybe by leaving would be the best for you

But these rose colored glasses, that I'm looking through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth

And they let me hold on to the good times, the good lines
The ones I used to hear when I held you
And they keep me from feeling so cheated, defeated

When reflections in your eyes show me a fool
These rose colored glasses, that I'm looking through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth

So I just keep on hope-in, believin that maybe
By countin the many times I've tried
You'll believe me when I say I love you and
I'll lay these rose colored glasses aside

These rose colored glasses, that I'm looking through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth

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Submitted bydeiderique


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    I believe he's talking about seeing life through the bottom of an alcoholic glass. " Only allows the beauty and hides all the truth". However, it's a metaphor because of the actual sunglasses he wears. After all, who would write a deep song about freaking sunglasses? Listen to all the lyrics and decide.
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    I think it is a husband and wife that have been together for a very long time and maybe have grown apart. They are staying together for some reason, even though she probably doesn't love him as much anymore as he loves her. His "glasses" hide that she doesn't love him, and he still sees her as the beautiful woman he married long ago. On one hand, he thinks it would be best if he left, then they would both be happier: she would be independent, and he wouldn't have to suffer through each day, loving a woman who doesn't reciprocate love. On the other hand, he has hope that she will love him once again. Laying his "glasses" aside, means leaving her and finally facing the pain of the reality.
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    He is in denial of the truth that she doesn't love him anymore and the undercurrent of all that is going on behind the scene e.g. her cheating. The metaphor of the "rose colored glasses" is his denial of the painful reality, because of his love for her he wont accept anything less. In finishing he hopes that she will come to her senses that he does indeed love her and she will reciprocate, and then he won't have to wear the glasses of denial anymore.
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    He is in love with a much younger woman. She is playing him because she needs an athoritative figure in her life to keep her safe. He knows that she is young, but is very well able to take care of herself, yet she keeps him hanging on. He is weary of the things she says and does so he tries to look past those things and only look at the good things about her. Hoping that she will mature and become the woman that he loves and needs. Unfortunately, he will be wearing those rose colored glasses for a long time to come, as she will remain the same for the rest of his life.
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