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Jimmy Davis – Stars Together lyrics

1981, 24TH of July, a bright star fell to earth from the sky
From that day forth, they prayed for
His return to the constellation sparkling in the same form
A heavy rainstorm, a dampened glow
He felt the pain form like a random blow
To his chest, but the quest he’d been blessed to carry out,
Was part of the reason he felt abandoned so
He looked up, called on a melody
Then began by regrouping and rebuilding his energy
Never too much to try,
He would have to regain the ability to shine and touch the sky
It just happened that his arrival coincided
With the birth of a baby boy and they collided
On the same path destiny had guided them onto
Fate had appeared right on cue

Together … Stars together
Illuminate the sky forever
Together … Stars together
You and I are gonna live forever

Forget the way back, they had to find him first
And that was like finding a needle in a haystack
It was pointless searching the day for the right guy
They came in their millions to the night sky
Took them years but they located his coordinates
He sent the message that he was fine and feeling fortunate
Sprinkled stardust on the lad that he knew could take him home
But for now he had a dream to make his own
All the tests in the boys life were starting early
Because strengthening of character was part of the journey
That was essential, needed to be quickly overcome
And he was feeling distinctly overrun!
But perseverance was a huge quality
In his make up when it’s channeled and used properly
Troubled waters passed proving nothing for him to navigate
Given time he’d soon begin to gravitate
Together … Stars together
Illuminate the sky forever
Together … Stars together
You and I are gonna live forever

Now that he could see his soul was taking shape
The star inside him knew that it was now the time to make the break
After searching him, the gift he’d been given was now surfacing
The star started turning his hand to nurturing
This unique talent, he had to be gallant
And brave, doing something that he hadn’t
Ever done, fears were being faced
Years of fitting in and shedding tears would be replaced
With acceptance, respect, a bit of praise
The path that he had chosen to walk entered a different phase
Rerouted, substituted,
The weight holding him down with the wings that he flew
An aim, a purpose
Feelings of doubt, regret and guilt soon became surplus
To requirements, now he’s a grown man
Shining every second, heading back to his homeland

Together … Stars together
Illuminate the sky forever
Together … Stars together
You and I are gonna live forever

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