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Jill Scott – Talk To Me lyrics

Verse 1
Here you go, jacket down
Timbs off
Remote control
And there you go

Off into outerspace
Distant from me
Where do you go?
Your eyes are closed
I'd like to know

I stop, sit next to you because you seem so blue,
And pray nothings broke
Baby I don't want to see us burn down
And go up in smoke
No, no, no, no, no

Talk to me, break it down, spell it out, spell it out for me
Talk to me, break it down, spell it out, spell it out for me

Verse 2
But when I push
Begins the riff
You take off and there I sit
Alone feeling cold

I become antagonist, loud, and wrong
Words are thrown
I bitch, you moan
So I try another tactic
Ohh, ohhhh, oh

Verse 3
Close your eyes
Relax your mind
Cool down
Just recline
We've got the time

To let it go
Just unwind
I'll be cool baby
I'll be quiet
If you'd like

I'll put on your favorite song
Sounds nice!
Thug passion on ice?
Or a glass of Merlot?

I'll roll it up
If you want
I won't front

I just need to know
What you know

Talk to me, break it down, spell it out for me baby
Talk to me, break it down, spell it out for me

Dee da da Be bim bim Bum bum bum di di bum didi dow...
(continues scatting)

Ohh Baby I'm getting so frustrated
And so it seems that you're hiding something from me
And that ain't the way my sweet
I'm loving you
But I get confused
And what makes me fear
When your personality is unclear
I make things up in my mind

You're right next to me
But sometimes I feel like you're off away
And you just don't have a thing to say
But I'm for you
So tell me what you
Tell me what you're goining through


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