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Jesus Christ Superstar – Pilate's Dream lyrics

I dreamed I met a Galilean
A most amazing man
He had that look you very rarely find
The haunting, hunted kind

I asked him to say what had happened
How it all began?
I asked again, he never said a word
As if he hadn't heard

And next, the room was full of
Wild and angry men
seemed to hate this man
They fell on him, and then disappeared again

Then I saw thousands of millions
Crying for this man
then I heard them mentioning my name
And leaving me the blame

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    This song is a recount of Pontius Pilate's dream of future event the Galilean being Jesus and the wild and angry men being the Jews at the time who want Jesus dead for what he says and the 1000s of millions are the people in the future for all time who are sad for Jesus being crucified. This dream was an attempt to warn Pilate about the future and how event might play out so he could change them.
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