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Jesse Powell – I Didn't Realize lyrics

Seems like not long ago
Two years have passed
I took you for granted
It ended too fast, 'cause I
I wasn't payin' much attention to your needs girl
You tried and tried a million times
You cried to me girl

But I couldn't see
The pain you went through
I was killin' you softly
But I never knew, 'til I found
I found it in that lonely place
You left for me girl
And now it's killin' me
That's how it's got to be girl

Girl, you build my heart to break it down
Here I'm cryin' out but no one's around
What does it matter now?
What does it matter now?

1 - I didn't realize that I love you
Till the day that you stopped lovin' me
I didn't realize that I cared for you
Till I heard the news
That you're leaving me

2 - Now I realize that I love you
And I'm hopin' that it's not too late
Please pack your bags
And come on back
'cause now I realize that I'm in love with you

Two weeks have gone
My life is a mess
The closets are empty
Not even a dress girl remains
I sit and wonder what I could've done to please you
Is this the penalty for times I would mistreat you?

Now there are no lips to kiss
And no hand to hold
There's no one to hear me
When I bare my soul, and to see
To see you with somebody else would drive me crazy
Knowing you wanna fall in love and have a baby

I'm standing here, broken down
Cryin' out, but girl, you're not around
What does it matter now?
What does it matter now?

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

I apologize
For all the wrong things that I done
I'm sorry babe
For all the right things that I didn't do
One thing that can change a man
Is living alone
Come back home, oh

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (come on, come on back to me)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (I'm sorry)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah, oh oh)

Repeat 2

Please pack your bags
And come on back
'cause now I realize that I'm in love
With you

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