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Jandek – Only Lover lyrics

You never smoke a cigarette when you are doing something
Only when you are half doing it
You are a teenage runt with a lot of cream, Sparky
Gone floating down a river to Madrid
And a car pull in softly
Waiting for the footsteps
How has she followed me here
The tent I went to wasn't mine
It was a cantaloupe's
Cantaloupes are so good to eat
When you dream of your Johnny in a shower
Gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
I love you my lady
I love you like I do
Why you make me so blue
A-kill me, kill me, kill me
Kill me, kill me
I think I'm a goner
When I see one of your shoes
Gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
You're the reason I live
You're the cause of my death
I love what I can't help
You took my success
Will you take my failure
After Arnie took a pill from the bottom
He wasn't ne'er the same
You ought to be gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
I hear you bought a new dress
A red the color of your kiss
Darlin' are you with me now
A-kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
Ohhh it's my time to die
When I think of your black lips
Gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
Found a painted pony in your breast
Can I tell you the rest
I love you goddess
Listen mister can you be my monkey
Feel my pulse take a stab at my arm
I wasn't meant to have a garden
Gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
Jezebel, you're my favorite
In your country I roam
Listen to me now, lady
Worst I had to tell you was I followed you here
First you made me promise that I wouldn't leave
Then I found my freedom
Gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
Lost some lovely on the way
You gave them back I heard you say
You're my only lover
Like a kangaroo I'm only half doing what I do
Jesus stares at me from the wall
And I think I like your bosom
Aw gone floatin' down a river to Madrid
Ahh, you hear my music
Oh, lord I think it's hard to tell
How she followed me here

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