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Jamie Foxx – Yep Dat's Me lyrics

[Jamie Foxx]
Seem like they be hating
From June to January
Mad cuz I'm balling and
Kissing on Halle Barry
Yep that's me (yep)
I'm in that drop lookin Flizziyy (fly)
So many gorillas wit guns
They think I'm T. I.
What up man?
I'm in the club going strong with it
Champagne, we in the back
Mixing strong with it
And if you stunting and
Serious about your paper
Wave yo hands,
Don't forget to tell them haters

[Soulja Boy - Hook]
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's meeeee
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Yep that's meeeee
Swish, swish, swish, swish

[Jamie Foxx]
They be like "who that is?"
Pulling up in that new Bentley
You step out
Push your chest out
Flip your hair
While they staring
Say yep that's me, yep
Girl you strutting looking flawless
Them red bottoms on
Just to let them know you balling
Independent (ayy)
Handle business (ayy)
That body got me wanna say
Hold up a minute (ayy)
Ladies if your out here getting paper
Do yourself a favor
Don't forget to tell all of them haters

[Soulja Boy - Hook]

[Jamie Foxx]
Hey Ladies
(Hey Jamie)
You got your Louie
Got your Gucci
Got your face
Got your lips
Make them pass out
Stick your ass out
Put your hands on your hips
Say yep that's me, yep (ay)

(Yep that's me, yep)
(Yep that's me, yep)
(Yep that's me, yep)

[Soulja Boy - Hook]

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep
That's me up in that drop top
Yeah you know I'm flexin'
Yeah I'm coming suited and booted
Like I'm the x-men
Night crawling Luda
Cruisin' in that Maybach
Or coming down the street up in a Kawasaki 1400
Looking like cyclops
Ice man chain
White ice man whips
Storming through the club like it's the Juggernaut bitch
Yeah that's me all in the G-5
Me all in that Gucci
Me up in that yacht
Me all up in your womans coochie
Which that 26 inch top Wolverine blades
Got a shank? Than I'ma switch to the heat like King James
And you can peak in my closet and see a million worth of clothes
It's Evel Knievel Luda straight stuntin' on you hoes

[Soulja Boy]
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's me, yep (ay)
Yep that's meeeee
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Yep that's meeeee

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