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James Brown – I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing lyrics

I don't want nobody
To give me nothing
Open up the door
I'll get it myself

[Chorus:] 2X

Do you hear me

Don't give me integration
Give me true communication
Don't give me sorrow
I want equal opportunity
To live tomorrow

Give me schools
And give me better books
So I can read about myself
And gain my truer looks

Do you hear me now, now


Some of us try
As hard as we can
We don't want no sympathy
We just wanna be a man

Do you hear me


We got talents we can use
On our side of town
Let's get our heads together
And get it up from the ground

some of us make money
We forget about our people

Gotta grab out a honey
Forget about honey
Do you now, let me hear, hey

Come on, I got to have it
Come on, I need it
I got to have it, come on
I got to have it, ohh

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy
Lordy, Lordy, Lordy
Play with your bad self
Come on, baby
Come here now
Gotta get it

Got to get myself together
So many things I've got to do
So many things I've got to do
I don't no help from you
Tell everybody, body else
All of these things, baby
I'll do it myself
Come on, hey

I got to have it
I, said I, said I
Said I, said I, I

[Chorus:] 3X
Do you hear me

[Chorus:] 2X

I'm not gonna tell
You what to do
I'm not gonna raise a fuss
But before you make another move
Let's start by taking care of us

Do you hear me


Kids get that education
And don't you take no more
Cause we gonna get
This thing together
You got to carry the bell

I don't want nobody
To give me nothing
Open up the door
Open up the door
Open up the door
Open up the door
Open up the door
Hey, hey, hey, hey


Can you dig the groove
Can you make the move...

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  • u
    Go to the arabs and get the money. When you are knocking on a door and it want open, if you are talking to people, that did not get a chance as learning what they need to feed, them selves, are live the american dream, meaning more schools, for blacks back in those times. Be if you talking to the wrong persons you end up trick, and your school of opportunity end being schools of prison all over america, soul as a product. Get the money from the arabs. But if I was talking to jesus true people we need help, including my self it wouldn't be a school for prisons unless you were reformed and was not a lie like mel con x found out after all that work he done. And end up dead and laid a tray by his the wrong people, by not knowing his people from the start. Just because that guy was from africa couldn't necessary mean that they were his people, we are saying o[pen the opportunity, to the secrets of helping to heal all of our people that are on one accord souls we can save, help us to wade in the water, tho I walk threw the showers of death I shell not fear no evil, there be a great people with love to help me. Love.
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