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Jagged Edge – Trying To Find The Words lyrics

Je Yall [3x]

I'm trying to find the word that'll keep her down man I swear I'll keep her down

This girl she's so amazing she's everything I dreamed that a woman could be she sends all my senses into a whirlwind cause
Its her eyes and her smell that get to me. And I think that I could be with her if I could tell her how I feel I'll let her
Know that this thang that I feel is real if I could find the words that'll put her down man I swear i'll keep her down, down

Trying to find the words to express how I'm feeling Trying to let you koe that I'm through double dealing don't know what I
Do if I really lose your loving I gotta get my act together, put my baby first in line Trying to find the words to express
How I'm feeling trying to find the words, find the words, find the words Don't know what I'd do if I really lose your loving
I gotta get my act together, keep my baby first in line

[Verse 2:]
Girl, she keeps her faith in him when I'm short on sticky, shes always got me make me feel just like a P. I. M. P naw that
Just ain't me, ain't even in my league girl you know you got me crazy! Shady girld done left a bad mark on my heart scarred
Me, up ain't give a damn about my heart gota get it right with you I need to fine the words I don't know, why I can't find
The words to say, Exactly how I feel about you But all I know, if you leave me, girl don't you leave me, I don't know what
Ill do I don't know [2x]...

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