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[Hook: J. Cole]
Ey yo
Ey yo
Ey yo uh

[Hook x 3]


I hate rich n****s goddammit
Cause I ain't never had a lot dammit
Who you had to kill
Who you had to rob
Who you had to f**k just to make it to the top dammit.
Or maybe that's daddy money
Escalator no ladder money
Escalating new caddy money
Worst fear going broke cause I'm bad with money.
Crookest smile n***a momma never had the money damn
I ain't trippin'
A n***a Jordan I ain't Pippen yeah
Up the steps I ain't slippin'
Tears blood sweat I ain't crippled
A song you can sing along with when you down so I let you know you ain't alone s**t
When you momma ain't at home cause she got a second job delivering pizzas you think she out there getting robbed
Please God watch her I know how n****s do
Half cracker but a n***a too.
Talking all that s**t 'bout your step-pops how he was a dog now look at you.
I ain't bad as that n***a plus dawg I'm a grown man now. I ain't mad at that n***a.
But if a plane crash and only it killed his lame a** I'd be glad as that n***a.
Did caine dirty now it's back to broke
Refund check she was [?]
Momma gets depressed falls in love with the next maniac on crack use that [?]
Make a n***a smoke a whole sack of dope
Writing rhymes tryna bring back the hope
Try to ride the storm out and crash the boat could of drowned but I grabbed the rope.

N***a who you x 3
Selling me dreams and telling me things you knew


Said, you got what I want
You got what I need
How much for your soul and uh
How much for your soul and uh


[Verse 2:]
I hate rich n****s goddammit
Cause I ain't never had a lot dammit
N****s can't front on the flows you got
But every f*****g verse how much dough you got
Homie, don't quit now [?]
Know you felt the s**t just now
Know you felt the s**t just now
Don't it ever get boring(?) to you?
I realize deep down you a coward getting high off of power
So I threw you [?]

Wanted the respect but it came with fame
I just wanted love but it just ain't the same
I took a train down memory lane and watching little Jermaine do his thang before he made a name it's like [?] gave it all he got now the n***a don't [?] the same.
I guess he can't complain
All the money that be raining in
Spend a hundred thou for the chain again
Thinking old school n****s like?
Probably kill for another claim to fame?
Yeah n***a
At least he ain't insane x2
You ain't crazy m**********are you just afraid of change.
That's new
Maybe that's true
But listen here I got a bigger fear
Of one day that I become you.
And I become lost and I become heartless
And numb from all the Mйnages
Just one b***h don't feel the same no more
And it don't really kill the pain

Money can't save your soul

N***a who you
Telling me things and selling me dreams

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