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Iron & Wine – Fever Dream lyrics

Some days her shape in the doorway
Will speak to me
A bird's wing on the window
Sometimes I'll hear her when she's sleeping
Her fever dream
A language on her face

I want your flowers like babies want God's love
Or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come

Some days, like rain on the doorstep
She'll cover me
With grace in all she offers
Sometimes I'd like just to ask her
What honest words
She can't afford to say, like

I want your flowers like babies want God's love
Or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come

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    I think that everybody perceives music the way there soul needs to perceive it that day. So that means the meaning could change on a different day. But this is just how I perceived it today. Sams just talking about his wife, and there love. He doesn't want it to ever die. He wants all of her because he believes that if he has all of her, he can keep her forever and not have to worry about ever losing her. Even in death. He wants to know the things that she is thinking so that he could come up with something that would interest her. He wants to always make her happy because when she's happy, that's when he comes alive. That's the only way he can breathe.
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    "i want your flowers like babies want god's love. " this could mean that he wants all of his significant other (wife?). But then the song goes on to say "or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come. " since this song speaks about god, I can only assume that this is a reference to christian beliefs. In christianity, it is said that tomorrow is not promised; so in context of the song, it sounds like he isn't sure if he wants all of her or if he wants none of her at all.
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