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Impending Doom – Anything Goes lyrics

Anything goes...
When every thing's gone, anything goes.
Theories without real foundation, blind folds entire nations, idols as big as your bank account is.
No compromise.
Your gods resemble humanity, the irony is they are inferior and nonfunctional in their making.
Are we here by chance?
That would make our circumstance absolutely worthless, flesh n blood without purpose.
Are you part of no bigger scheme?
Don't bother with self esteem, are we all but fading dreams.
From sunrise to sunset are we part of this big accident.
The vastness of space, the delicacy
of your face, the artistry of nature, all without a painter.
I don't have enough faith to buy into that.
When every thing's gone, anything goes.

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  • u
    You must be pretty damned retarded to think we came from just "amino acids"
    You must have slept through biology class to have even come up with a conclusion as mildly illegitimate as that.
    Sure, the song may have some pussified deep-down meaning tied to christianity, but that doesn't mean any atheist would give a damn to think of a basic deathcore song like this as a "slap in the face"
    Quit trying to find some point of argument from and just listen to the song. It is something you could kick around to, and that is what matters.
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  • d
    Okay this song is slap in the face to all of you people buying into all that stupid evolutionist crap! God is the creator, accept it already! He died for your sins and how do you repay Him? By telling Him that He doesn't exist and that we came from amino acids? Forget that. God is my savior and I will worship him night and day, crying out Abba Father!
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