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Iced Earth – A Question Of Heaven lyrics

The time is close now, the end is near
My walk through the valley, trails of fear
I feel empty, my penance overdue
I guess it's too late now
To be with you
I'm extremely frightened of what will surely be
I sold myself, the death of me
I know you can't forgive me
I know I'm on my own, I've betrayed you
I walk alone

What exactly is the meaning of this
Just pawns in your twisted game
Severe pain for the lie I'm livin'
For a love I never could betray

Question me not say the lord unto thee
You have chosen your own fate
And your own destiny
Denied of this life, is what you are to be
You have chosen your own fate
And your own destiny

Lord I pound my fists at you
Won't you just let me die
Would I not suffer enough
No inner peace no after life

Question me not say the lord unto thee
You have chosen your own fate
And your own destiny
Denied of this life, is what you are to be
You have chosen your own fate
And your own destiny

I did what I thought was right
All for the love of my life
I know it's sad but true
Something is very wrong
Condemned to suffer so long
For a love so true

The question that lies within
Is so hard to understand
It still tears at me
And in my dying breath
My heart holds no regrets
I would'nt change a thing

My spirit begins to rise into the heavenly skies
Just to be shunned away by you
Now all I want is to die, no streets of gold in the sky
And I wash my hands of you

Rising to the heavens light
Just to plea for death
Just to be denied

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  • s
    It's the final song in the Dark Saga. It's meant to be about how Al Simmons, who turned his back on God and sided with Hell as a Hellspawn, turned away from Hell and freed himself so that he could be judged by God. Because he sided with Hell, though, he is seen as irredeemable despite the fact that the only reason he turned against God was so that he could see his wife, whom he loved, one more time. Finally he is told that he will never be admitted to Heaven, and he is possibly left to wander the Earth forever to never die or is sent back to Hell, I'm not to sure on his real ending.
    It's a great song and you could really feel a bit of pity the way that Barlow sings Simmon's part on here. That is part of it, and the chorus is one of the most disconcerting and beautiful things on the album. It's really a great song.
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    It's well written. A guy spent his life struggling on the belief in God and Heaven. When he dies, he realizes it does exist but says to God that he doesn't deserve to suffer eternally just because he didn't believe in Him. But that is how God has the world set and the man finally accepts his fate.
    God doesn't want anyone to go to Hell, but if you don't believe in Him you will, according to the scriptures. If you think God's being unreasonable with the ultimatum, think of every decision in life and how they're all ultimatums: Believe and live in bliss. Don't believe and live in suffering. Eat and be full. Don't eat and starve. Excercise and be healthy. Sit and be fat.
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