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Horse – The House Of Boo lyrics

Lights out--shadows bloom
Crawling hands slide to me--across a midnight room
I fear my blankets may not be the best
Defenses that I could muster
Still the chill beyond is like lizard claws
Reaching from the hereafter
Silent things scream from silent dreams bang
Still the room is still yet I'm filled with a cold
I'm terrified!!!
I'm terrified!!!
I'm terrified!!!
I'm terrified!!!

Pause cold I'm alone
I pick up the phone
But I fear
That it's been disconnected
I don't even check
Because I hear a breath
.... And I know
This is the end of me.
........... I'm going to hell.

A silent scream it whispers free from me
My mouth is dry my eyes are wide
I'm statuesque- petrified
The room is black!!!
My mind is red!@#
I'm alone in the room
..... But there's someone in my head!
Hungry hands haunt me in the narrow of the night
I'm thing, shaking begging for a precious night-light because..
I'm terrified
I'm terrified
I'm terrified
I'm terrified!!!!!!!!!

What should I do when the nightmares come true
The lampshades have faces and the closets are cruel
Gasp and tremble ---- weep and drool

Dawns glorious light-- a stale recourse
I'm the empty cup ---I'm still seeing stars
Well that's all right-
Its like I'm already there
Seven dawns up seven moons down
Ill get to sleep some night soon
That's all right -
Its like I'm already there

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