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Hoodoo Gurus – Middle Of The Land lyrics

Here I stand in the middle of the land
Take my hand in the middle of the land

You'll see something that's new in the sunshine
You'll be the winter that's turning to springtime

Here I stand in the middle of the land
Take my hand in the middle of the land

Someday someone will try to confuse you.
They'll say things you want to hear and they'll use you.
I thought we'd live and learn
But some folks seem to yearn
For values unsophisticated.
Those days are dead and gone
I won't wish them back upon
A world that's much more complicated.

Here I stand in the middle of my...
Take my hand, I'm always glad to lend a hand.

They'll try to blind you with T. V. Religion.
Don't buy their hand-me-down second - opinions.
Sometimes the biggest lies
Are most easily disguised,
Dressed up like the Road To Glory,
Then somewhere down the line
You'll rub your eyes and find
You're on a path to your own Purgatory.

You'll know something as old as the moonlight,
You'll throw superstition and fear away tonight.
They'll paint us black and white,
They'll paint us wrong and right,
They'll paint us all into a corner.
They'll try to cool us down
But they could never fool us now.
We're steamed-up hotter than a Swedish Sauna!

Here I stand in the middle of the land
Take my, take my hand - your horizons will expand.
Land - in the middle, middle of the land
(Land on me.)

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