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Have Heart – Something More Than Ink lyrics

Just take a fucking good look at just what you did
You set a raging fire in the heart of a kid
Your words, and the message you sent
Are held in my heart as they burn inside my head
It burns, burning inside my head
Even if you chose a different path to tread
I guess it was something inside
It was something more to us
You took a different path from the one you once set
But that's the cycle of life so take your steps ahead
That doesn't change one thing in my life
I'll never cease to keep your words alive
I still believe in what was said
I'll hold on 'til the last thread
I still believe in what was said
Your absence doesn't bring my values' death
I guess it was something inside
It was something more to us
I guess it was something inside
It was something more to us
A "hero's fall" will never change what I think
Because at the core of my heart this is something more than ink
Something more than ink
On a page, on a shirt, on the back of my hand
It's something written in stone
Words we wrote in stone

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    Isn't it obvious? Some of the straight edge bands that influenced an entire culture have swayed from their original beliefs. In '92 every east coast band had an x on the back of their hands and we knew it would outlast any sharpie. But. Time runs its course and people change. Change is inevitable. We place a same trust in bands like have heart and we hope it lives forever. It really will. Within us if we hold true.
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