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Gucci Mane – My Kitchen lyrics

Put tha pounds in trashcan Gucci do da dishes
Don't nobody nobody fuck wit mi kitchen
Bought a old school then I sat it on 6's
How you cop it Gucci, workin in tha kitchen

Put tha pounds in tha trashcan Gucci do da dishes
Don't nobody nobody fuck wit mi kitchen
Bought a old school then I sat it on 6's
How you cop it, How you get plenty workin in tha kitchen


30 thousand dollars for tha So Icey Squad
Thousand pound deal for tha So Icey boys
Gucci inquirest is a So Icey shark
Sellin white chalk tryin 2 duck these narcs
Buffalo and horns that's a D. You. B
34 inch ash ante on tha humphey
Whole lotta purp, whole lotta green
Whole heap a white, large amount of beans
Got them collard greens, sell a lot of things
4+4 dawg that's a chicken wing
Trappin in a drought, money in a vault
Bring me another pot, and another vault


Gucci don't care, scale like yeah
Mojos there, eggbeaters there
Our beater, block beater oj here
Oh mi god, it's Zone 6 year
Zone 6 chimps, boulder crest bear
Zone 6 rims, boulder crest jills
30 inches got me lookin down on him
And I'm so high it's so lonely up here
Jumpin out the vert, it's some bitches over there
Big booty bitches love a gud cookin player
Bricks in tha basement, Pills in tha cabinet
Pounds in tha closet, Money in tha attic


Dope bowl crack, now we gettin mad
But we aint really lost, cuz we can ice-a-toil dat ass
Wnen we bringin route, bring it 2 ya doe
Money on tha floor, bring money to tha doe

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    This entire song is about cooking cocaine. Putting pounds in the trash can means hiding his drug money. Do the dishes means getting your shit ready to cook. Selling white chalk is selling coke. Duck these narcs refers to not getting caught by cops. Buffalo and horns that's a D U B. means a gang sign w a fist except your pinky and pointer finger are up. 34 inch ass and it on the Humvee. (Lyrics in this originally post are wrong) means 34 inch rims on a hummer. Then he lists whole lotta purp, green, white and beans. Purp is promethazine which pretty much just makes you feel drunk but it's not alcohol. Green is obviously bud, pot, weed, dro, whatever. White refers to the coke and beans are pills. Then bricks in the basement is bricks of coke and pounds in the closet refers to money.
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