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Graham Parker – Mighty Rivers lyrics

Intro: The chords I have worked out here consist of two base notes only.
Some of them are power chords (neither major nor minor, no 3rd)

D5 55xxxx
Bm* 75xxxx
Asus4 55xxxx (same as D*)
G5 35xxxx
A5 57xxxx
Dsus2 xx0230
/ / / / / / / /
The intro sequence I think, is this D5 Bm* Asus4 G5 A5

Bm* D5 Bm* Asus4 G5 D5 D D Dsus2 D
Darlin' wake up now, I'm makin' a promise that I'm gonna keep
Bm* D5 Bm* Asus4 G5 A5
I'll never give up now, when love is a passion that can't go to sleep

A5 D5 G5 A5 D5 G5 A5
Until the mighty rivers, until the mighty oceans dry up, I'll be your man
A5 D5 G5 A5 D5 G5 A5
Until the mighty rivers all run dry and fade away girl you understand

They tell you there's no chance, for love to be stable when everything shakes
It only took the one glance, for my heart to tremble and my soul to quake

A5 Bm* D5 A5 D5
Till the Mighty rivers ooh mighty rivers,

Bm* D5 Bm* D5
Ooh can you hear me as you run into my back
Bm* D5 Bm* A5
And the customs never clear me, they want to put me behind black


Oh darlin wake uh up now, before there's no sunshine left up in the sky
I'll never give up now, let's she'd all the teardrops and let our hearts dry

D5 Bm* D5
Until the mighty rivers, the mighty rivers, the mighty rivers,
Bm* D5 Bm*
The mighty rivers, the mighty rivers, the mighty rivers,

D5 A5 Bm* G5 A5 D5
Till the mighty rivers oooooh mighty rivers...

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