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Gorillaz – Every Planet We Reach Is Dead lyrics

I lost my leg like I lost my way
So no loose ends
Nothing to see me down
How are we going to work this out?

Dreams aren't bad, a hit of meth
I love the girl
But God only knows it's
Getting hard to see the sun coming through
I love you...
But what are we going to do?

Picture I'm a dreamer
I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow
Time is a low..
Don't you know?
What are we going to do?

When you go back
All the second selfless days
You're in love with him
I want to see you again
I love you...
But what are we going to do?

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    I'm not an english native speaker, so I cannot be sure what this song really means, but to me it is a song about people in a relationship who love each other but can't be together anymore due to the differences between them. And so they have to part, although they still love each other, and the girl soon falls for another guy. That is my picture. I had two painful breakups in my life, and on those times I would listen to this songs and feel extreme, breathtaking sadness. This interpretation may be incorrect as it's caused entirely by my experience, as after both of these breakups I still felt love, but also knew it was impossible for us to be together any longer.
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