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Gloria Estefan – Dame Otra Oportunidad lyrics

Nunca quise hacerte daño
Con mi comportamiento
Pero se que mis ENGANOS
Hirieron tus sentimientos
Ay, yo lo se

En pleno dia de verano
Mi corazon VIVIO un invierno
Y es que aun sigo esperando
Que tu vulvas y me otorgues
Tu perdon

En las noches
Te busco y no te encuentro
Tu ausencia me causa gran dolor
Solo se que hoy te extraño
Y que me arrepiento
Tu adios es muy amargo
Para aquella que una vez
Probo tu amor

Regresa a mi, quiero sentir
El calor de tu piel
Me cego la tentacion
No vuelve a suceder
Estar sin ti es un sufrir
SIN tu amor no quiero seguir
Regresa otra vez

Hoy dudas de mis palabras
La verdad es que no te culpo
Pero aun vive la ESPERANZA
Que tu VUELVAS y me otorgues
Tu perdon

Dame otra oportunidad
Para que veas que he CAMBIADO De verdad
Dame otra oportunidad
QUIERO enseñarte que soy solo tuya
Dame otra oportunidad
Tu adios, cuanto duele en el alma
Dame otra oportunidad
Perdon, perdon, perdon te pido
Te lo juro que no vuelve a pasar

Lo unico que pido es
Que me des un chance mas
Solo, solo pido un chance mas

Lo unico que pido es
Que me des un chance mas
Regresa a mi
Que tu amor me hace falta
Y duele de verdad
Lo unico que pido, es un chance mas


Nunca quise hacerte daño
Con mi comportamiento
Pero aun vive la esperanza
Y me otorgues tu perdon


I never meant to hurt you with the things I did
But I know my actions hurt your feelings
Oh yes, I know

On a summer day
My heart is in winter
And I'm still waiting for you to come back
And to forgive me

At night I look for you
But can't find you
Your absence causes me pain
All I know is that I miss you
And that I'm very sorry
To someone who once tasted your love
Your goodbye is very bitter

Come back to me
I want to feel your warm skin
Temptation blinded me
It will never happen again
Being without you
Is too cruel a suffering
I don't' want to live without your love
Please come back

I know you doubt my word
I can't really blame you
But the hope still lives in me
That you'll come back and forgive me

(Give me another chance)
So you can see that I've really changed
(Give me another chance)
I want to show you that I'm only yours, only yours
(Give me anther chance)
Your goodbye hurts me deep inside
(Give me another chance)
Forgive, forgive, forgive me
I ask you on my knees
I promise it will never happen again

(The only thing I ask that you give me one more chance)
I only, only want one more chance
(The only thing I ask is that you give me one more chance)
Come back to me because I need your love
And this really hurts
(The only thing I ask you is one more chance)

(Give me anther chance)

I never meant to hurt you with the things I did
But the hope still lives in me
That you'll return
And give me your forgiveness

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