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Glay – BiriBiriCrashMen lyrics

Lyrics Furi
sosogu Trouble wo kutte futoridashita Yokubou
wa hateshinaku hito wo fumin ni shita "Kokoro
wa ima yande iru" to tayasuku kuchi ni suru Dou
shiyou mo naku mune ni tsunotta doubt ga abaredasu Omae

ni wa ienai shigoto ni aritsuita Mukashi
mita akogare wa hodo-toi mainichi de Yogoreta
te de dakishimeta onna wa mou Koi
ni sugari ikiru toshi wo sugi hanareteku, Machi

ni hisomu aitu-ra ni odoru Heavy gauge na news Jiman
no kanojo ni tsumetaku saretemo Kitai
ni kotaeru pure na tamashii wa Dare
no tame no megami ni horeta Motto?

* Motto! Thrill! ni okasareta karada wo hikizutte Tobikomu
no sa New York surikireru made Joushiki
to unmei wo keri-age isshun ni kakete miru Mesawari
na Beam Ano! taiyou ubaitsukuse Soshite!

ore wa atarashii jiyuu ni To... wo kaketa (English)...

falling troubles have made us obese Lust
has made people endlessly sleep-less "My
soul's infested" people say that so easily Helpless
the, doubt that buries in my souls loses control I've

gotten a job I can't tell you It's
an everyday that's so different from those I dreamt of The
woman I hold with these dirty hands Are
past the age to be engulfed in love and drift away The

Heavy-gauged news that dances on them hidden, in the city No
matter if their favorite girl is cold to them To
who's goddess did this pure soul that looks up to expectations Fall
for More?

* More! I'll! dive into New York with this body's that's Infested
with thrill until I'm worn away I
bet it all only the moment kicking, up Common Sense and Fate The
annoying Beam capture, everything of the sun And!

then I raised my hands upon the new freedom Repeat...

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