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Gilbert O'Sullivan – A Sight For Sore Eyes lyrics

Some stupid guy with his head in the clouds
Thinks the world is a wondrous place
Next thing you know as he's looking around
Plane hits him in the face

A sight for sore eyes are couples who think
Marriage is not for them
They want their children to know their dad
Is only their partner's friend
I'm going backwards the way I came in
Going forward the same way out
I've got some blue chips to go with my fish
Which is still swimming round about

The sight of a pedophile being abused
A stalker being followed home
Who wouldn't give their right arm to see
A scientist being cloned

What do you do when your think you're in love
And she tells you you must be sure
How do you manage to get out of that
When you know that her heart is pure

On the wings of a dove fight has broken out
Someone flew in a rage hurling drinks about

I'm gonna love you as long as I can
For as long as we both agree
I'm gonna leave you the rest of my life
Along with some jewelry

A sight for sore eyes are couples who think
There's no need for men
If they want a child they just go to a lab
Get it artificially insemmed

Some stupid guy has his arm in a lock
And he can't seem to find the key
Someone should tell him it's probably where
The key to his heart would be

And I'll cry like a big girl
And I'll kick like an ass
Who needs 18/30
50 plus is a gas

I'm gonna love you as long as I can
For as long as we both shall live
I'm going to leave you the rest of my life
For as long as it's mine to give
As long as it's mine to give

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