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Gangsta Boo – I'll Be The Other Woman lyrics

(gangsta boo)
To begin how it ended
We lived happily ever after
Me and her man
[?] up the other woman
Let's begin the chapter
It was a very pretty day
If I remember it was easter
I was chillin' with my girl
She say somebody wants to meet ya
It's all good, so how he look
Then she pulled me out a picture
Not to get explicit with ya
But this man I got ta get him
(his, his name and his number)
Damn she tryin' to hook us up
But it's cool, cause he look good
Then I'm single so what the fuck
(time has passed)
It feel good to have this man of mine
Spend his time to wine and dine
On what he called define
I think I love him
The only thing that bleedin' my heart
All the pain and rain I feel baby
When we apart
When we apart
I wanted to do this boy
Be cheatin' on me
May be so
Cause this crazy love to me
Is too good to be true
So mrs. Lady boo
Is 'gon cherish the time
With my man the one that I believe is not only mine

Chorus x1
I'll be the other woman (be the other woman)
Just as long as I know (long as I know)
That I'm the only other woman
You give cash to
I'll be the other woman (I'll be the other woman)
But I got to know (she's got to know)
That I'm the only other woman
You give cash to

It's kinda crazy don't you think
That I'm fallin' so quick
I think my friend hooked me up
With a player type trick
That boy be spendin' all his cheese
Like he got it like that
I ain't the one complainin'
Shorty scratches my back
(but are you down)
All the time
I got love for you baby
Count your money and your saddy
Sippin' crissy with lady
A trip to paris (would be nice)
I got you if you got me
To live in exctasy
Is what the both of us should try see
Never me cause your money
Keepin' me on my two feet
I'm independant can't you see
Never tryin' to be rude
But I'm the one you love to hate
But I love you too
I hate you so the point is even trade
I need to thank my friend for hookin' us up
So now it's me and you
We bonny and clyde baby in this
I thought you knew sweety
I'm on a mission to the top
Yes your darlin boo
His and her rolex's watch for our whole crew

Chorus x2

I'm just carryin' on
I forgot about your wife
I recently ask that your
It was her, she called you twice
(where you nice)
Hell no, I still got some jealous in me
Because we makin' love doesn't mean I don't got envy
I wish that we be
Somewhere on our own land
Coutin' benji's, talkin', chillin', makin' castles in sand
Understand it's me and you
Boy you don't need to play me
I'm kinda crazy
You check my background daily
(are you crazy lady)
I'm trying to be real
You tryin' to be fake
You still got this calin' you
(you must be crazy baby)
But it's all good cause I'm a woman but mine
As long as you spendin' all your time with this lady
Cause I'm the one
I keep the tons of funs waitin' for ya
When your wife ain't yet home
She just a hatin' ya, what a shame
I be the one to blame when drama kicks off
But I'm 'gon be the one to blame
When I take her butt off

Chorus... Till fade

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