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Frogs – I've Got Drugs (Out Of The Mist) lyrics

I've done drugs that would blow your mind tonight
Real fine tonight
Blow your mind tonight
Outta my mind tonight, tonight
Going outta my mind tonight
Outta my mind tonight
Blow your blind tonight

(I've got a suitcase full of drugs)
(I can turn you on)
Would you like to come along?
I'd like to come along
I've got drugs
Where you going, man?
I've got drugs
Can I come wherever it is, man?
I've got drugs
I've got blues
I'll do your dope, I'll be your dope man

(Much as I can, _______ people)
Outta the mist there's a pimp
Outta the mist there's a hooker
Outta the mist there's a priest
(with ____ in his hand)
Outta the mist
(I kissed you)

Outta the mist how could I miss you with your drugs?
Outta the mist how could I miss you with your druggy ways?
(your drugs)
Outta the mist
(I missed you)
Outta the mist
Outta the mist I kissed your lovely drug-filled lips

You sleazy prostitute
Where's your pimp friend?
Where's your pimp friend and your priest?
As he stood there and lectured me on how I should live abouts
(on his yeast infection)
Fucking priest with a yeast infection
A drug problem that never existed
Outta the mist I kissed your drug-filled lips

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