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Fra Lippo Lippi
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Fra Lippo Lippi

Stitches And Burns lyrics

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Fra Lippo Lippi – Stitches And Burns lyrics

People say that I'm a fool
Well I don't know
At least I found out
What it takes to be strong
I was dreaming all day long
A drifting cloud
With eyes wide open
I would choose not to see

*Now I don't want
To see you anymore
Don't want to be the one
To play your game
Not even if you smile
Your sweetest smile
Not even if you beg me
Darling please

Say good morning to the world
I hope you like it
Take good care of all those
Things that we have
I've been looking for a way
For too long now
Seems like everything
Must come to an end

*repeat 2x

Time after time
Nothing that I can do
Knowing your ways
And loving your ways
But not getting through at all
Day after day
Leaving the past behind
Coming to terms
With stitches and burns and
Learning to fly again


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  • u
    I love you so much, I thought you can do the same, bt I was so wrong, You just pretend and played me so badly, I gave you all, but now, with this song, I realized that I really loved you a lot but it's really over now, I hope your happy now, And maybe some day. I could find someone better that you, coz ur no better for me. Goodbye.
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  • b
    This song perfectly says what I feel about the father of my son. Had enough. Had given my all but I think you just don't see my worth. Had to bear all the shame for us to be one family but I think that I am the only one who wants that to happen. Don't worry since I had realised it already. Even if you are trying to win me back again, I can't seem to find it in my heart to forgive you. After all that I had been through and after all the worst situation that I had to be in because of you. I hope ypu could have done this a little earlier. Things may be a lot different.
    ___---Masao wakabayashi---___.
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