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Foster The People – Call it what you want lyrics

Call it what you want
I said just call it what you want
Yeah we're locked up in ideas
We like to label everything
Well I'm just gonna do here what I gotta do here
'Cause I gotta keep myself free
You're ducking and moving just to hide your bruising from all your enemies
And I'm in the crossfire dodging bullets from you expectancies
We've got nothing to lose
You better run and hide
Yeah you've crossed the line
I've got a knife behind my back (just sayin')
We've got nothing to prove
Your social guides give you swollen eyes
But what I've got can't be bought so you can just
Call it whatyou want
I said just call it what you want
You've taken your words and you take your judgments
And stick them onto everything
If it don't conform to what you were born into,
Then you run the other way
You say, "now what's your style and who do you listen to?" who cares?
Well that rat race ladder-climbing fake-face smile's got nothing on me

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    You know the way how when we dress, as like a girl, where heels and then were immediatly a hooker, or when you put on glasses and having a big backpack, your immediatly a geek? That's what's its about I guess. You can call it what you want, you can put labels on everyone, but eventually they say that they know who they are. Even whith expectations of everyone, even what you hear. I don't know if it's about people in school, or people within the musicindustry, or whatever, but it is about putting labels on someone, but they don't care about those labels.
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    I find the lyrics talk about social order. You expect people to conform into clicks. Those who do not band together (the outsiders) break all social expectation and thus prove a threat to the treasured and carefully preserved order. It's about nonconformity, if a group doesn't like another group or an individual, they will not try to reconcile their issues or form an understanding, on the contrary, they will either ignore said outsider(s) or attack them unjustly based on a simple difference in opinion. Further more, those who conform have to play by the rules, to preserve order, one must sometimes feign it as well, they must hide things to avoid suspicion. The break-a-ways more often than not, will flaunt their freedom from the hive, they may seem weak all alone, but they are wild cards with "nothing to prove"
    so in conclusion, "who cares? " we are all individuals with our own lifestyles and what's popular or what's deemed socially acceptable shouldn't alter the choices we make. Tl; dr it's okay to break free from the crowd, let them judge, they're probably missing out anyway.
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