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Fordirelifesake – Web Of Lies lyrics

Justice System... Is there Justice in the system? Or is there just us in the system??

They love to drag your ass to court
This is the arena for their sick sport
They run for office and make more laws
100, 000 reasons to further their cause
We get charged we better watch out
A system of fear what they make out
Wither way it goes good or bad
The attorneys get paid and they get fat
Is there justice in a world gone crazy?
Where it's survival of the fat and lazy
The less youve got they've got you on your knees
Youll cop pleas they get fees

Its all such a web of lies
Its all such a web of lies
Its all such a web of lies
Its all such a web of lies
Its all such a web of lies
Attorneys are spiders and we are flies(4x)

One to prosecute one to defend
One to judge you and in the end
12 of your peers are forced to sit in
All lawyers lie so they can win
Either way they get paid
We are the victims with the laws they've made
They'll take your freedom and then your home
They'll take it all till you're all alone
Break up a family for a fee
I can't remember when I was free
Free to worship free to speak
They never practice what they preach


A country of laws and lawyers make them
Arm the police and they defend them
Books full of lies but we don't believe them
Their jobs secure the long arm of the law


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