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Foetus – Heuldoch #7B lyrics

Have you heard a single word I've said?
Time to brush the crumbs out of your bed
Do I want a life of leisure?
What the hell is wrong with me?
First a tremor, then a seizure
Middle aged lobotomy
Unrepentant scofflaw on the lam
Layin waste to all the best laid plans
I swear the gingkos working in reverse
C is for the casanova
Us unglued and never over
N is for the noose you knotted
T is for the tears I blotted
C is carbon tetrachloride
You stands for I'm standing upright
N is not for non infectious
Ts translating little lectures
Erect the barricade - and call off the crusade
Don't you point that thing at me
There's no such thing as gravity
I gave you a mountain
You gave me pain, but...
Why are the pretty ones always insane?
C is for contamination
Undergoing litigation
N is never never land and
T is for the tramp I am
Cs committing cunnilingus
You unless the odor lingers
N is no assembly needed
T is for the truth mistreated
Look at all the ugly people
Diggin holes to pass the time
Semi spastic weak and feeble
Never ending pantomime
You come equipped and be prepared
A roll of duct tape, a cattle prod and a polygraph machine
C is for the crumbs you throw me
You is you don't even know me
N is not for understanding
T is trust that's too demanding
C is for the country teaser look at all the ugly people
You is upright in your freezer fillin holes to pass the time
N is for the end of meaning non elastic weak and feeble
T is in the tower leaning never ending pan

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