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Fly Union – This Or That lyrics

A motherfucker friendship
Is the brothers that I came with, who I'mma stay with
Who I'mma leave with
I ain't a killer, but don't push me
Shit can get south, can sell real ugly
It's like nobody fucking with me
Swear these women still tryna take my virginity from me
Don't tell me you like it when you love it
And don't wear kobe? Shit's ugly
But damn, know I fuck with other people's money
Opm, greater than cloud, get the money
It's not a secret if you tell somebody
No, I never sold dope, if I did I wouldn't tell nobody
I get stupid but I'm no dummy, I don't know enough about the money
But I know today was a good day, every day is friday
Ice cubes in the ashtray
We cold, chilling, the girls been here but the money is on the way
If I was you I would stay, stay the fuck out of the way
I'm ahead of my time, I'm rewriting history
When I write rhymes at the same damn time
Private jets and safe s**, that's on my mind
? With suits and benz coupes, the world is mine
Don't wait for me, I'm on my own time
I'm just shooting for the stars like they stole my shine

I told her you can get with this
Or you can get with that
But this is where it's at, my nigga
This is where it's at
I told her you can get with this
Or you can get with that
But this is where it's at, my nigga
This is where it's at

Somehow, someway, just get paid
? In the kitchen now pulling out cakes
Built this bitch 20010 days
For the ceiling, just me and my niggas
Turn work, middle finger to the system
Brain washed niggas no clue about the business
Or the stolen land mass or the people that they tricking
Abracadabra, blow the smoke in the mirror
Yeah, rearrange your perception, chop chop, cut it all nigga, but walls up
Cold ass nigga, the cost they frost up
Why you rolling no ac, somewhere between lil' uzi and hd
Rolled up cones and put a nigga to sleep
Put in a little work at the lab with doc beat
Calm down, bitch, our road rage in lane
All that shit just don't sound the same
I don't say much just ask the house keys
Pass you, niggas, flash hazards then I laugh at you
Epa still gassing you, uncle sam still taxing you
Still money on my mind, two houses to pay off
What the fuck is a day off
Two cars for service, one girl to deserve my undivided attention
Try my best to listen but most days I be spaced out
Stressed out 'cause I'm in my own route
Made the whole block the way I flipped the house
The way I gets it in and how I gives it out
Handful of friends, no kids, a spouse
You is what you is, you in or you out

I told her you can get with this
Or you can get with that
But this is where it's at, my nigga
This is where it's at
I told her you can get with this
Or you can get with that
But this is where it's at, my nigga
This is where it's at

I said I wouldn't curse, fuck it
I was young and naive and this is christmas eve
You can't sleep on me, you might miss something
This once in a lifetime, I hope you recording this
Stay in the mix like I, this is all I know
It's a bathe and bank road dipped in rose gold
Shining like the sun in my mind, though
At any car put it digging, it's the hoes
Then I'm out like summertime at winter close
Niggas know but you gotta tell niggas know
I need more retches to pour on the floor
It's the champagne spiller, party and bullshitter
Og? The realest don't gotta say it, they don't sing much
For lebron driving a stick, so clutch
I want it all but I don't really need much
I know that to you it might look like beginners luck
But fuck shmuck, I been doing this since I been a pup
And I do this for my people, still trapping in the regal
But my trap is so legal, I'm still I'll with it, you gotta deal with it
I'm still independent with zero dependence
And I ain't never gonna jet, don't even like visiting prisons
My nigga king said I'm on a motherfucker million dollar mission

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