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Five Guys Named Moe – What's The Use Of Gettin' Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again) lyrics

Big Moe, I need a fresh drink
Nomax, you don't need a fresh drink
Listen Nomax, you're making some serious mistakes here
You oughta listen to your friend Big Moe

I'm listenin'
And stop drinkin' so much
I don't drink that much
Shut up boy, you drink all day and you drink all night

And Max you know it ain't right
Wait a minute let me explain something
Shut up boy, look at your eyes why they're as red as they could be
That okay, I've got some sunglasses

Yeah, well, it looks to Big Moe you're about to blow your wig
I ain't about blow my wig
When you gonna straighten up son? Listen
What's the use of gettin' sober
When you're gonna get drunk again

You know, Big Moe, Uncle Sam did something mighty fine
When he brought back good whiskey, beer and wine
Nah, I don't agree with that Nomax
I love my whiskey, I love my gin
Every time you see me I'm in my sin

Well, don't you think you deep enough in sin son? Listen
What's the use of gettin' sober
When you're gonna get drunk again

You know Moe, Big Moe
Big Moe
That's right get it right
I went out last night about half past one
I thought I'd whoop it up a little bit, you know, have a little fun

Yeah, I understand
So I got me a half a pint about half past two
Now after I drank that you know what I wanted to do

Uh, uh, then I got me a pint about half past four
I felt so good I went out and got me some more
I got me a quart
Oh, a quart

Yes about half past five, after I drank that
I didn't know whether I was dead or alive
You know Nomax, I think more dead than alive, son

When you gonna straighten up, I'll tell you one more time
What's the use of gettin' sober
When you're gonna get drunk again
Lord have mercy on him
I hope this boy learns soon

I been thinkin', but I keep drinkin'
And I'm just about to lose my mind

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