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Fernando Ortega – Angel Fire lyrics

I never knew the dusk could seem so sad,
An empty aching in my soul.
In this bright hour I speak your name in the wind,
The shining world outlasts us all.
Even the mountains seem to know you're gone,
The foothills shimmer where they stand.
The sky is still and much too beautiful,
And I am missing you again.
Lift me over the San Gabriels, leaning into the southern sky.
The foothills burning in the afterglow, an angel fire passing by.
I think of songs I might have sung to you,
The love I wanted you to hear.
Everytime the blazing sun goes down,
Another promise disappears.
I never knew the dusk could break my heart,
So much longing folding in,
I'd give years away to have you here,
You know I can't lose you again.
Lift me over the San Gabriels, leaning into the southern sky.
A flight of angels must be in the wind,
I know they'll pass this way tonight.
Help me remember the San Gabriels, the foothills burning in the light.
Let my heart rise up to where you are, I long to be with you tonight.
I long to be with you tonight, I long to be with you tonight

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