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Faithless – The Man In You lyrics

Although I don't really know how to handle ya,
I will have nobody kicking no sand in ya.. face
Not even a trace of bland in ya,
Teenage and its a trouble understanding ya,
Ya got plenty of energy and stamina,
Forgot all the little tricks I tried to cram in ya,
There's a bit of 'I Don't give a damn' in ya, ha
And that's your old man in ya,
Stand in your way, never or ever abandon ya,
And on the day people say what they can't stand in ya,
Don't let your ego get out of hand on ya,
It ain't a good look when crook-kharma land on ya,
Balance yourself, bring out the Zinedine Zidane in ya,
The I will and I can in ya,
Execute the grand plan in ya,
I'm your daddy and happy to see the man in ya.
Might know too much but I'm no soft touch,
Brought you up, to recognise lies as such,
I need no crutch, child hood was arduous,
And if there is a god I'm sure he would pardon us,
Must be working hard in us,
Not to harden us, ha.
10 That you really wanna be,
20 Exactly what you see's on telly,
11 You can't tell him any-thing that he don't know already,
12 They get together steady, explore the 1st keeping up with the many,
13 None of them are ready, living on old raised broke not a penny,
14 Baby in the belly, She's all done a runner another no daddy,
15 Nanny and she loves it dearly, head strong proving all along but wary,
16 Scale we were quite contrary,
This is how the garden grows.
This is how the garden grows.
Children ya still own the power,
To turn this into your finest hour,
Now a young ma-mum that mistake can make a contribution why dont we wait and see...
Give back the mothers their dignity,
And the fathers who roam free a lesson in humility,
This society needs to learn empathy.
It happened to you, it could happen to me (x4)
Birds and bees without flowers...
Girls be strong, boys don't cower...
Stand by your seat, scream and shower...
Oh how the sweet can turn sour...
Birds and bees without flowers...
Girls be strong, boys don't cower
Stand by your seat, scream and shower...
Oh how the sweet can turn sour...

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