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Faded Red – Cry A River lyrics

You’re crazy pissed again
Something muttered nonchalantly by the vultures you call friends
Leave me in peace, go count to ten
Anything that shuts you up or helps you start to mend
You’re so alone, or so you love to always say
I watch you damn the masses from an armchair every day
Singing a song of pure contempt for all to hear
Darling it falls on deaf ears

Chorus: Well baby I know how it feels to be spited
The way your blood boils when your anger’s been ignited
But baby I know that it helps to keep smiling
So shove their shit aside and live life how you’d like it

Your armor’s full of cracks
Your skin’s not thick enough to fend off their verbal attacks
Don’t waste your breath trying to get them to take ‘em back
It’s moot to them your insides are turning black
I’d say to grow a pair but you’re obviously no man
You always turn on me even when I’m doing the best I can
Please deal with anything you think is so crucial in the end
Is there a more explicit message I can send?


You know I love you so, so much, you know I love you so much so I’ll help you out
You know I love you so, so much, so it’s time to pout?


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