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Fact – Here We Come lyrics

Fact: I'm A Yung nigga Holding It Down, Staying Around,
Slapping Stupid niggas Down To The Ground, I Stays
On The Block All Day And Night, And If A nigga Got
Beef I Can Serve It Right, Hit'em In The Mouth And
Call It A Night, When I'm Done I'll Be Sticking They
Wife, All I Do Is Run The Streets, Stays With The Heat,
Just In Case I Catch Beef, Most Likely I'll Be With My
Niggas So We Can Sweep The Streets, If I'm Not On
The Block, I'm At The Spot, Just Cause The Block Got
Too Hot, Them Stupid Feds Make Me Sick, Everytime I
Turn Around They On My dick, But I'm Just Too Slick,
They Could Never Catch Me Cause I'm Too Quick, We In
The Streets Getting It Done, So Everyone Move Cause Here
We Come.

Here We Come
So You Better Run
If You Don't You Dumb
We The Chosen One's
And We Got Our Guns

Silus: I Got Your Girl Calling Me, While You Balling With Me,
I Got Your Girl Screaming, Swallowing My Sceaming, After
That I'm Straight Up Sceaming, I'll Throw You On The
Ground And Give You Another Beating, Not Like The Cops
We Don't Like Them niggas That Like To c*** Block, We
Are Like The Jefferson's, We're Moving On Up To The Top,
And We Just Can't Stop, Everyday I'm Mild But If You Get On
My Bad Side, Man, I'm Gonna Be Wild, I'm A Straight Beast,
But I Stay Hitting Your House Like It Wuz A Grand Feast.

Here We Come
So You Better Run
If You Don't You Dumb
We The Chosen One's
And We Got Our Guns

Fact: I Cause Whatever Drama You Need, If It's About Money, I'm
All About Greed, I Produce Seamen, Like bitches Produce Seeds,
I'm A Yung nigga A. K. A Thug, Ya Girl Might Look Good,
But You Is One Ugly Mug, I Stay's Up And Straight Sling
Drugs, I Got That Work, The Type Of shit To Make Ya Girl
Twurk, It's That Good, Just Coming From My Hood, If You
Got A Problem You Need To Do What You Should, If You
Got Beef Through Up Ya Set, Cause Once I Beat Ya ass, I'm
Gon Go And Make Ya Girl Nice And Wet, I'll Make Her c**
In Her Panties Without Even Being There, That's That shit
That Happens From Me Talking Into Her Ear, niggas Always
Asking Me, Why They Call You Fact, Cause It's A Fact, If
Someone Blast At Me, I'm Gon Blast Back, Once I Hit You
I'm Gon Make Sure Everything Go Black, I Do What I Do,
When I'm Done With You, I'm Gon Make Your Girl My Boo.

Here We Come
So You Better Run
If You Don't You Dumb
We The Chosen One's
And We Got Our Guns

Silus: I Smoke Other Rappers Like Indo, I'm Playstation 2, And
You The Old Nintendo, For Some Of Yall This Is Hard, I'm
Like Tynanol, I'll Leave You Drowsy From The Battle You
Loss, Now Who's The Boss, Don't Look For My Name In The
Yellow Pages, 'cause I Only Speak When I'm On Stage, And Not
To Mention, I Carry A Nine, Right Along With A Gage, My
Name Is Silus, Even Though I'm Not From Hollis, I'm Still
Flowing For These Dollas, I Only Get At Girlz, Not The Ones
That Get On Your Nerves, And Straight Call You A Perv, When
She At A Party Tryna Flirt, And Letting Me Under Her Skirt,
Next Thing She'll Be Talking Mad Dirt, About How You Don't
Work, I'm Only Fourteen, And Ripping Boys So Hard They Need
Some Morphine, So I Pop My Collar, 'cause Your Stuff Is Wack, But
Since You Tried I Guess I'll Pop Your Collar Back.

Here We Come
So You Better Run
If You Don't You Dumb
We The Chosen One's
And We Got Our Guns

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