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Euroz – Work lyrics

Okay you bad as ever, long hair, caramel
And you think a teen school will go and get
’cause you know this world ain’t gonna hand you shit,
It ain’t gonna hand you shit, guys get the any man you pick
Let’s smoke kush, fuck for hours then pass out like a man you scribe
Now how assign to you? You really tryin’ to do that?
Young nigga with sex drive, like I’ll help you get your boo back,
Get behind you then beside you, fist full of head and pull that
A lot of maintain to talk about it, me I’m tryin’ to prove that.
But after that it’s hard to get it, got money but it’s small to get
But tour would go, but you you’re rolling with
I mean meeting you would be the coldest shit,
He’s in hurse, her and I, you and me,
She do herself from time to time for the most part she doing me

Yeah, she badder than mother,
What good is doing us? if we can do each other,
If we’re the one to cover, like 5-02s in this bitch,
I’m gonna work you out, like tabu in this bitch.

Girl I wanna lay you down, work, lay you down, work
Lay you down, lay you down, work, lay you down, work
Know I’m bout to put it down, work, put it down, work
Put it down, put it down, work, put it down, work.

I love the way that you work it,
Pointed out in this Porsche
She fly as hell but she groundin
Even all the attention in curves get,
Every time you nice at this lame niggas
They assume that this flirtin,
But that shit you ain’t concerned with,
Fuck with me and I’ll make it all worth it,
No guarantees and you could bring it back,
You caked up I need a piece of that,
Hot the night, I’ve been blowing money,
You’re just not to tell me, I just keep a try,
Your body wanna make a nigga sing on it,
From the tattoos I sing on it,
Bad as fuck I mean bad enough to make any man throw a ring on it,
Can’t wait to do my thing on it, I mean it’s up to you,
New coop to see subtle tune, we can do the shit that you love to do,
Let a young nigga show you something new,
And that’s real talk, face down, ass up,
After that, we gonna see if we can walk, that work


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