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Esham – Watch Ya Back lyrics

Well where I stay it's like basehead Heaven
Brothers clock dollars 24-7
Some get caught and some don't
Some'll make big money, some won't
Some bite the bullet the hard way
Brothers play the game of death but don't know how to play
Money in ya pocket can't roll cause you're square
Livin day to day is a black man's dare
Money things and jealousy's a big parta life
You thought you was the man till they stabbed you with a knife
They took ya whole stack for a piece crack
Brothas don't know how to act, watch ya back

They gonna get you, you betta watch ya back
They gonna get you, you betta watch ya back
They gonna get you, you betta watch ya back
They gonna get you, you betta watch ya back

Grow up in the ghetto actin savage
When junkies smoked dope and murder was average
How could you cope in the city of dope
Young brotha hangin from a tree by a rope
Ya sellin pound to pound earnin nothin but a name
In the streets ya got fame, but the chilla all the same
Flashin cash and thinkin you're on top
But you fell to the bottom when the gun went pop
A brotha who's nothin will always have nothin that's a fact
People don't know how to act, watch ya back


Walkin down the street around 12 at night
Tryin to sell rocks but ain't a base head in sight
One pops up from outta nowhere
And then another and another and another
Shoulda watcha back like a soldier
I told ya
They're gonna getcha brotha


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