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Eliza And Martin Carthy – Queen Caraboo lyrics

Young Caraboo comes out of the resting
French and fine titles this young girl is dressed
Her one pair of stockings and?
She trumped out on shoulders and she jumped all along

She's now looking forward for this bouncy one year
Never heard of a gypsy like young Caraboo
Cuz she's stuffed full of ribbons, she's stuffed full of stamp
Drivin' the haven where 'fore there was none

When there she allighted and wallows from gate
The dame there and doctor is soon very straight
Along came a gypsy the cloth with fast blue
A princess converted the young Caraboo

[Verse 2:]
Two? Their questions she answered them by
So hard did she struggle for a love went so high
And since the day they made these titles so fine
? Drink none of their wine
Cause if this is in position, I've nothing to do
Already the man falls, said the young Caraboo

[Verse 3:]
She looked down at her? She took it right up
A little hat, a fancy young pigeon there sat
She looked? She giggled, she looked to?
The bird in her hand and the? In her eye
She? It, she ate it, she pulled it right through
This? By the doctors, she's Queen Caraboo

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