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Dying Fetus – Epidemic Of Hate lyrics

Don't fucking turn away, 慶ause I think we've got a problem here.
You gotta stay off my back, I can't take another day in this prison.
Locked inside of here, imprisoned in flesh for mental light-years.
Pushing all my buttons now, you're just another cold, worthless victim.
There's no time, don't hold me down.
You crossed the line, now you're fucked.
Life's a heavy price to pay,
But when you're dead, there's no complaining.

I think of how you deceived, and I get my blood on fire.
The last one to believe, I never thought of execution.

But there's nothing left for me me, and I think you're,
You're asking for a beat-down. Take the fucker's life!
He had to pay the price, the greed went to his head.
I've lost my faith in man, there's no regrets with me.

At last my mind can be...
Free of the pressure, the lies, and deception.
It's the shit that they feed me everyday,
Just looking back on the days of my life.
I can find another reason, to make you fucking burn at the stake.

I can't wait another day,
慶ause the tide's turning back on you bullshit
You are wasting my time and respect with your lies.
Destroyer of faith, cashed out, falling down.
Years of deception in chains of oppression.

The knots of the system tied tight around me.
The growing confusion and absence of reason,
Is fuel on the fire that burns my anger,
Driving me forward in psychotic compulsion.

Hate is erupting, I can't control it.
Social dimensions collapsing, corroded.
The net is wide open, we all are left for dead.

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