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Drive-by Truckers – Never Gonna Change lyrics

Let this be a lesson to you girl: Don't come around where you know you don't belong.
They're riding on the avenue and probably coming after you and they all look mean and strong.
Mean and strong like liquor.
Mean and strong like fear.
Strong like the people from South Alabama and mean like the people from here.
Take it from me We ain't never gonna change.

Daddy used to empty out his shotgun shells and fill 'em full of black-eyed peas.
He'd aim real low and tear out your ankles or rip right through your knees
There ain't much traffic on the highway. There ain't much traffic on the lake.
The atf and the abi got everything they could take.
Take it from me They didn't take it from me

We ain't never gonna change.
We ain't doin' nothin' wrong.
We ain't never gonna change
So shut your mouth and play along.

I thought about going in the army. I thought about going overseas.
I wouldn't have trouble with a piss test; only problem is my bad left knee.
My brother got picked up at Parker's, got him a ride in a new Crown Vic.
They said that he was movin' on a federal level but they couldn't really make it stick.
Take it from me

We ain't never gonna change.
We ain't doin' nothin' wrong.
We ain't never gonna change
So shut your mouth and play along.

You can throw me in the Colbert County jailhouse.
You can throw me off the Wilson Dam
But there ain't much difference in the man I wanna be and the man I really am.

We ain't never gonna change.

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  • grendel53
    This is actually a Jason Isbell tune, written while he was with DBT. He plays it, I don't think DBT plays any of his tunes now. I just caught him at Word Of South festival. Shook hands with George Clinton as well. It was high up on the food chain. He said that his early songwriting was inspired by events that happened to his family and friends, so he's heavy on tales of crime (Never Gonna Change) and alienation (The Day John Henry Died) and feuds (Decoration Day). Never Gonna Change is a real rocker, celebrating hard living and the outlaw ethos and clearly, not changing one's ways in the face of criticism or opprobation.
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