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Dream – IV Play lyrics

[Hook: The Dream]
I can give a fuck about the foreplay...
I want it now...
I'm talkin' straight sex...
Stop fuckin' around...
I can give a fuck about the foreplay...
I want it now...
I'm talkin' straight sex...
Stop fuckin' around...

[Verse 1: The Dream]
None of these bitches ain't got nothin' on you, honey
Body bumpin'
I'm just sayin', I'm all open on you...
Oh, and baby you're all that, I don't know how to act
First call don't get ya, hang up and call back
I'm just sayin' I don't wanna lose a second with you
'Cause baby...

[Bridge: The Dream]
You make me feel alive...
You make me feel alive
Sweet as paradise...
Baby you don't know how you make me feel
Can't wait to paralyze...
I can't wait to get all you baby
Promise I won't waste your time...
You know what I need so lets get straight to it


[Verse 2: Twista]
So how long you gon' be over there alone?
You like the way I'm talkin' freaky on the phone?
About the way that I'mma fuck you from the side
Well, let's make it a reality before he come home
We could be about the business
I could give you what you want
And I can come over to your house
Walk up in the door and come up out my clothes
Snatch you up and I'mma bend your body right over the couch
Then I'mma let her get on top
Give her control of me until she about to pop
Fuckin' me frantic, and we ain't worried 'bout being romantic
And I'mma give it to her 'til we gotta stop
No four-play we can't be (playing)
I want it right now, know what I'm (saying)
Not kissing or hugging 'cause he's about to be home soon
(So let's get straight to it)


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