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I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut
You got a gram bag hit the zags and roll her up
Cuz a n***a like me can't fake it when I'm high
Get the Visine for the tight red eyes
Jump in the Cutlass with the n****s from the set
The blunt went out but we ain't done yet
Get another one blaze like a barbeque beef
It ain't nothin like a blunt for the funk in ya teeth
Yeah, I'm a skinny 6'5 m**********r
If you didn't know me you would think I was a clucker
But I'm not a clucker I'm a dodger and a ducker
Come a little closer I'm a show you I'm a punch ya
And if I can't beat you I get my gun and I'm a buck you
Turn you over like a b***h and I'm a f**k ya
And like a fiend for the weed I'll tweak
Four 15's in your trunk that's beef
Proper a** amps??? Alpine
Put the coke on the dash roll a dollar do a line
Pump rbl maybe 1, 2, 3
Or the funky s**t by the I. M. P.
Now I'm high like a motherfuckin jet
F**k a 9 to 5 I'm a juke on the set
Slang these thangs and f**k these hoes
One line at a time goes up a nigga's nose
The s**t clears my sinuses just like a shower
Indo or the tide blend it in with the powder
Now I'm chewy high with a hard a** d**k
Oh there go my pager could it be a trick b***h?
Oh it's Janine, she lick my d**k clean
Come right away and bring a dime bag of weed
Like a n***a that's sick caught up in the groove
Kill the p***y bust a nut and like a vet stick and move
Out of that house a quickie I know she got mad
Because I killed it and I didn't bring the weed
I did bring the weed but I left in my Cutty
Did you really think I would smoke some dank with you dummy? (yeah)
No, Dre Dog won't die
See my n***a Cougnut n***a let's get high
He said I got the drank and you got the dank
He said my n***a Dre Dog Frisco is the place
For me to get high and you to get drunk
We smoke dope we rap and these hoes we f**k

Ooh I'm high as hell from snorting that girl
Rush Mr. Cee so I could tie me up a curl
Out that shop hoes do jock
See my Cutty in a rag I will drop top
See the freak on the block I think her name was Kim
Just stole her in the Cutty like Iceberg Slim
I said how you doin, my name is Dre Dog
You give me your number I'll give you a call
She said my hair looked proper as it blew in the wind
But I can't have her number cuz I f****d her best friend
It's a pity I'm a n***a that just don't care
Except for my dope my money and hair
Cuz everywhere I go it's the same damn song
N***a smoke more dope than Cheech and Chong
I love to tell the truth but I'm such a good liar
The Dre Dog n***a smoke more than Richard Pryor
I'm true to the dope that I smoke no joke
Check me right now there's a gram in my coat
Cocaine blunts (what?) and hip hop tapes (what?)
Rubber car keys and I'd that's fake
And rhymes do pay so my pockets do grow
I snort so much snow that they should call me Dre Blow
Cuz I don't drink beer I don't drink gin
Bust the freak hit the p***y then I try to f**k her friends
Dre Dog don't laugh ain't a damn thing funny
When n****s talk to freaks who ain't got no money
I done smoke enough blunts fool to fill my brain
Chewy boy do me raw cut cocaine
And n****s get pumped when they smell dank-a-roma
When they smell dank-a-roma then they know I'm on the corner
They offer me drank but I don't get drunk
I smoke dope I rap and these hoes I f**k

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