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Don Williams – You're My Best Friend lyrics

You placed gold on my finger you brought love like I've never known
You gave life to our children and to me a reason to go on
You're my bread when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean but most of all you're my best friend

When I need hope and inspiration you're always strong when I'm tired and weak
I could (search this whole world over you'd still be everything that I need)
You're my bread (when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean but most of all you're my best friend)
You're my bread (when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean) but most of all you're my best friend

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    To the best of my knowledge,
    This song is actually sang to demonstrate a kind of deep romantic relationship between a man and a woman. It shows the high level of trust one has for the other and how reliable one feels in the hands of the other.
    This deep, romantic, selfless and dependable love is completely satisfactory.
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    It took me until I was 47 years old to find my best friend. We tell each other everything and support each other in everything. I have never had anyone stand by me like he does. He not only makes me a better person but makes me want to be a better person. We are proof you do not have to be husband and wife to be this close and it proves men and women can be "just friends". Dco.
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    According to my understanding, this song was composed by a married woman to express her feelings of being loved by her husband. She was also trying to tell her husband not to disown her cos she loved him so much. It was also meant to let the husband understand how much she loved and relied on him always. This song was just like a reminder to that married man that the wife was actually need him and she could be dead if he leaves her to another woman. This song is a reminder about other people who had said that 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'.
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    The meaing to this song to me is just what my husband and I had for 45 years. He was my very best friend and I was his. He was my life. He made everything wrong, right again. I had no fears because he was there for me. Now, my memories of him are so dear to me. I wish everyone could have the kind of love and friendship we had. This kind of friend only comes once in a life time.
    Mary Jo Parde.
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    One of my uncles' was my best friend and he just passed away about a week ago. He meant so much to me. Just like this song. This is going to be his song for me, every time I feel sad and start thinking about him I am going to play this song. This song doesn't have to be about husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. It can also be about really close friends or family members that mean the world to someone. That's all that matters is what the person listening to the song is feeling. It's what's in the heart, that's where true feelings come from.
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