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Domino – Diggady Domino lyrics


Here goes the count to one two oh,
The Diggady Domino,
Here goes the count to one two oh,
The Diggady Domino,
Here goes the count to one two oh,
The Diggady Domino,
Here goes the count to one two oh,
The Diggady Domino

[First Verse]
Now here goes the count to one two oh
Witness the dopeness of the Diggady Domino
And I be bustin' with the skills
Got lovely bitch appeal
Breakin' the suckers hearts
Excuse me if you will
Myself is on the stage and my I have your attention
Don't test my strength, one seventy's what I'm benchin'
And for the sucker emcees, well here's somethin' they can quote on
I'm lookin' for the chumps who drinkin' that ass like soda
Definitely on a mission
Sure that you will find it
Couldn't fade the 80's but I'm the dopest in the 90's
Ask your girlfriend Holmes, she knows that there's no other
Than me the Diggady D with the cocoa red color
Be kickin' it the sun, I'm chocolate you can see
I thought about my colors and you can milk me like milky way
I'm makin' a mark and where I go and where I go I'm makin' a mark
>From start to the beginning from beginning to the start
Makin' hits, sendin' your mind on a triznip
And that's some funky ass shit from you to get into
So ask the Show, I'm lettin' them know
That I'm the diggady, diggady, diggady, diggady, diggady Domino


[Second Verse]
Alright I couldn't find a paper but I straight used a Bic
And I fucked up the scene like a black porno flick
And when I did it, they jocked from my style like this
Cuz I'm the stuttering steppingest nigga, so why are they tryin' to diss?
The Diggady D, straight from a town called Louis
Makin' the rounds so dirty, yet this rhyme is clean as soap
Well for my homies, here's somethin' I will do
And I will treat it like alcohol because this parties just for you
So let's jam, enter into a round called party
You could bring the gin because you know I got the forty
And I smoke so much bud when it comes to smokin' buddah
The ones they be leavin' up from me because they be thinkin' I'm Roto-Rooter
Admit it, you didn't think a brother could overcome it
The heap, and rise from the bottom onto the summit but I did
So give me the credit I'm lettin' 'em all know
That I'm the diggady, diggady, diggady, diggady, diggady Domino


[Third Verse]
Diggady, diggady, diggady Damn
Diggady Domino, well that's who I am
And I be kickin' it for them bitches, so go head and pump it loudly
The others make you dance, but Diggady makes you party
Show ya right, especially when you really know you right
I know I'm right, so baby shake the body if it's liggity loose or tight
Cuz I could make you sway all day
The others be jammin' so hard it's like they fell on a parade
They get younger, listenin' to the brother with the visual razzmatazz
Bitches up here poppin', fellas be off listenin' to jazz
My routine if I say it in a jingle
I'm givin' you the fever like a flavor for a Pringle
Well more or less some people they will say I got it made
And although I could rap well singing really is my trade
And if I let'cha yes, then I'ma still let'cha know
That I'm the Diggady-what? The diggady-who? The diggady Domino


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