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Doc Watson – In The Jailhouse Now lyrics

I had a friend named Camble, eat, cheat and steal and gamble
And I guess he tried most ever' thing low down

He was out tomcattin' one night when he started a great big fight
Then a big policeman came and snapped him down

He's in the jailhouse now, he's in the jailhouse now
I told him once or twice to quit drinking gin and shootin' dice
He's in the jailhouse now

'a-yodeleyie yodeleyie oh-ohoohdeleyie
'a-yodeleyie odiyodeleyie e-iyodeleyie


Old Bill broke out one day, I guess he thought he'd get away
But at the railroad station they took him by the arm
The chief said "I've come for you" and Bil said "Now, this won't do
Because Bill Camble never was my name"

He's in the jailhouse now, he's in the jailhouse now
Oh yes, he broke out and all over town the fool walked about
He's in the jailhouse now

Then I met Bill's old gal Sadie and she said "Have you seen my baby?"
And I told her he was down town in the can
Litlle Sadie she started fussin', she went down to the jailhouse a-cussin'
She sais "I come down here to get my man."

She's in the jailhouse now, she's in the jailhouse now
So you can understand why little old Sadie got throwed in the can
She's in the jailhouse now

I went out last tuesdea, met a sweet lillte gal named Suzie
I'd say she was the sweetest thing around
She started to callin' me honey and we began to spent my money
Then we got drunk and thought we owned the town

We're in the jailhouse now, we're int the jailhouse now
Next day we wanted to go but that old jailor he said "No!"
We're in the jailhouse now

'a-yodeleyie yodeleyie oh-ohohohdeleyie
'a-yodeleyie odiyodeleyie a-ohiyodeleyie

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