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Dj Quik – No Doubt lyrics

[DJ Quik]
Yes, MGD is the beer for me
Ah, MGD is the beer for me (that's right)
MGD is the brew for me (that's right)
I'm the Q-to-the-U-to-the-I-to-the-K, okay?
Each day I play my way, that's the fly way
And I'm older than a motherfucker, but they still ask me
for my ID, when I buy MGD, feel me?
Cause I've got {?} in my family (uh-huh)
And I've got bitches that's finer than Vanity (hmm)
Plus I'm not living above my means (no) buying Rolexes and rings
Flossing cars that I can't afford, lovin these bitches and whores
You know, I never broke myself to see no ho
Never did time, never took no pride in bein cruised
Don't give a fuck about a pink slip, loose lips sink ships
Hundred miles at least, when I sign a new lease
I never, trick off my fanny with these bitches
You got to be clever, gots to keep yo' mind on your riches
And stop doin the things that keep you broke
And keepin niggaz names in yo' mouth you shouldn'tve spoke, no doubt I'm dope
In this game 8 years, some of my peers have moved on
I procede to succeed, I stay within my zone
I'm the baddest motherfucker, yet it's me that you despise
Look within yourself and find out why you wear that dumb disguise
[Chorus 2X: DJ Quik]
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
Now run and tell 'em what I'm all about
[Playa Hamm]
From the low bottoms, to the skies I got 'em open
On the scrotum they blowin like it's chronic, high hopin
The P never leaves, be conceivin 'em like intercourse
Up in somethin, keep 'em cummin, Playa Hamm be the source
of the force you now witness - and this is
just, another stone in the succession of the nutties I bust
The homies told me don't put no cut on it, keep it raw
If you want 'em bangin, P clique swangin down the shore
Tricks out here, tryin to make hits
Instead of makin it hard hittin, and perpetratin frauds when they spittin
The game is full of twisters and misters quick to do low
Victims of vendettas and busters infraredders you know
what type of forty it is, when in the presence
of the G's, pushin P's, players we be the essence
Fo' life, it's the JB and pimpin Carl
When LTD we havin it all, no doubt
[Chorus] - Playa Hamm instead of DJ Quik
[Suga Free]
Now I'ma tell ya STRAIGHT UP!One nigga planned on havin hands on
messin with what I stand on, but trick you fin' ta get ATE UP!
I, feel like {?} but this pimp ahead of me has {?}
To within an inner trace of the mind, disintergrates her kind like battery acid
You never got no money from a ho, or seen my {?} with some spokes
{?} buddy be somethin broke, I'm a pimp but you don't know
YOU BETTER STAND UP, now empty out your purse I told you
GET OUT I don't trust yo' ass, now throw yo' hands up
Take it to the bump-bump-be-ba-dump, haha
Brrrrrrrrrt, dip, gimme my chips!HahahahahaHAAAAAAAAA!Witchcraft
Now let me see what I can check you wit now
Excuse me baby but, didn't I look you in yo' eyes and tell you what you was?
Told you somebody sent you, but this here's what a pimp does
Ho what you cain't see me wit it?Why?Probably cause
I stay G'd up from the street up, and subject to make yo' trick go get it
[Chorus: Suga Free]
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
Now run and tell 'em what I'm all about
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) I got somethin for ya mouth
No doubt (no doubt) - somethin for ya mouth
Now let my name {?} like some dookie in yo' mouth
DJ Quik, Hi-C, Tony Lane, stay in somethin
Playa Hamm, ohhh Bubba Brown
Clue Dog, Peter Gunz as well
El DeBarge what's up baby?
Ain't nuttin but a party up in here, yeah
See my fingernails done baby, ahh, watch how ya pants feel damp
Look out girl

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