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Dizzee Rascal – Face lyrics


Let's talk about over-excited brehs on the road,
Who brake all street honourary codes,
Can't get a real name for themselves,
Living off reflected glory,
Living off face

Said he knows slimzee, maxwell, gods gift, said he knows plake, said he knows ace.]
Claims he's tight wiv mega man, cool with romeo cousin of kaish,
Said he knows neeko breder hypes, said he had lunch at lethals place
Backstage with the nasty crew
I ask them to get out of my face,

He looks at my face,
I look for a way to move him clear from out of my face
But I leave him there
Hope to the face receiving air

Get a [light] late night phone call,
Pissed cos' it's one past Business hours
And the clocked this number don't look local
This is why I don't answer the phone
Twenty missed calls in total,
Plus 8 voicemails and about 14 text messages
People can't take hints and messages,
And the message is leave me alone

People got a problem,
[act like]I can make [dubplates] for them,
So they can look [good and tell tales]
Its All jiggy and we look like pals

So I can b the next big star in their phonebook
You look like the real top bois when the
Gyals look big Bow capital front, ...[?]
Disgrace and listen to the face

Mayhem drama jealousy envy hate
[Karma] face
Let's talk about face,
Let's talk about money

Mayhem drama jealousy envy hate
[Karma] face
Let's talk about face,

So many faithful stars I've got to deal with
Smiling just for the sake of God knows what
They think or wonder what prognosis they link to my global interest
I guess
Any place where they're not,
Can I get a little space or what?

All complaints aside because I appreciate my love
I know you feel the vibe,
I understand what it takes to swallow your pride
And give a boy ratings and [props]
But I believe that's where it stops,
Maybe a hug or a cuddle [at tops]
But please don't congregate all around me
[grind] Intoxicate and surround me
Just for the face

Mayhem drama jealousy envy hate
[Karma] face
Let's talk about face,
Let's talk about money

Mayhem drama jealousy envy hate
[Karma] face
Let's talk about face,

On the Go like no other
Looks like wifey material but she's a ho undercover
She aint the type of girl you should take home to your mother
You [twanged her,] banged her now you're almost certain that you love her

Shes known for that that disease moves through nearly all the mcs
{high for the hype, in it for the face]Blatently off your cheese,
[lil kim mentality, face similar] to Alicia Keys
She says she wants to breathe
You're telling her hey you're begging her please

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