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Deborah Cox – One Wish lyrics

Here I was rollin' in the car
I drove down past the park
Spotted a couple
Who wasn't in trouble
And they were doin' no harm
She leans down and kisses him on his lips
To give her love back he rubs her hips
Oh, I could feel it
I felt their passion
Running through my warming veins

So bad I wished that that was me
Make love like they do on tv
I see, all I seem to see
Is you and me

[Repeat verse]

How I wished that could be
Baby you and me
To become reality
In the perfect love fantasy
If I had one wish it would be
Baby, you and me
To become reality
In the perfect love fantasy

Now I'm not sayin' something's wrong with this relationship
But I know one thing, boy
It could be better
We have bedroom secrets
Sealed with a kiss
But nothing else compares to this
I'm talkin' about that real love
That true love
Can you feel me?

Someday it will be you and me
Makin' love like they do on tv
I see, all I seem to see
Is you and me

[Repeat verse]


With one exception
I'mma grant your wish
You see I'm diggin' your package
That's why I sealed it with a kiss

Homie's ain't understanding it
They think I'm saving you girl
Never take me for granted
'Cause I'm craving you girl

See my mental state is streetlight
I'm like a fantasy
Spontaneous of mind
I turn your wish into reality

I greet you in the land of lovemaking
A true man, true to you, you
Ot even thinking about shaking a spot
We keep it steamy hot
Keep it full-blown baby
Get it, get it, don't stop
Just you and me baby
Touching up stuff
Young dear keep it going
And make it _ like a _

What, ain't it evident that the mood
Goin' to be hanging on us
Getting' love twisted with love
See, I smoked that drama
Go on and tell it
And I could show you
But yes I can tell it

[Chorus X 3]

My one wish would be
For you to make sweet love to me
Like the first time
Baby all the time

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