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Debbie Gibson – Try lyrics

Verse 1:
Yes I know you're strong
I've seen all you can take
But it's wrong -
Even strong men get weak
Even steel can break.....
Even steel can break

I know you know
Your weakest points, baby
But you never wanna change
You can never be more than just satisfied
If you stay within safe range

Why don't we try a little harder
Let the good outnumber the bad
Must I,
Must I cry any longer?
Can we try anymore?
Am I worth it -
After all we've shared.....

Verse 2:
Yes, you make people laugh
But soon.....
Every clown must go home
To his empty room
You're not truly happy
Playing the fool
But can't you see
The fool is you?
If you don't.....


After all

We know these things can't take away
The pain can't be denied
For every man who ever rose and flew
There was a man who cried
Even preachers must pray
Even salesman buy
Do what's right for you
Darlin', all you can do is try.....

Must I,
Must I cry any longer?
Can we try anymore?
Am I worth it anymore?
Why don't we try a little harder?
To let the good outnumber the bad
Must I,
Must I cry any longer?
Can we try anymore?
Can we try again?
Try again....

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